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The Saboteurs, the Conspirators, the Manipulators of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are constantly making sure that 
…And profiting from the rebound.
Most Americans or even so-called ‘crypto-experts’ aren’t aware of this, but according to whistleblowers, major organizations and governments are manipulating popular cryptocurrencies - so they can buy it for pennies – and end up with a fortune...
This is the game of nations, of corporations and the uber rich. Played to make the rich, richer… 
How would you like a seat at the table?
But this isn’t just going to make the rich, richer… 
Regular Americans from all over the country are being tipped off and are ready to cash in on this opportunity of a lifetime
Friday, February 8th, 2021
Dear Reader,
Everybody knows investing in crypto is one of the fastest roads to riches…

After all, a simple $100 investment in Bitcoin, Stellar and Ethereum on January 1st 2017 would’ve made you $1,390… $22,000… and $58,000 richer…

But if you missed out, don’t kick yourself. The door of opportunity is about to swing wide open…

In fact, as I write this…
I am tracking a major manipulator of cryptocurrencies as they are gearing up to crash a major cryptocurrency so they can buy it for pennies and make out like bandits! 
Important Information: If you’re reading this after June 21st, STOP reading because you’ve already missed out. If, however, you landed on this page in time, please keep reading with great care because…
You still have time to ride the coattails of the big dogs and come away with fistfuls of profit yourself!

Now, before I get too deep into how you can take full advantage of this rare opportunity… I want to take a step back. And make sure you understand why this is so important for you and your family’s future…

Hi, I’m Jeff Wang.

I’ll get into my credentials and why it’s in your best interest to pay extra close attention to what I’m about to tell you in just a moment, but first if you’re like most newbie crypto investors, you may not know much about cryptocurrencies and why they’re such a BIG deal.

So, let’s take a minute to catch you up.
1. “What’s All This Crypto Craze About, Jeff...
And Why On Earth Should I Care?
Fair question.

Truth is:

Crypto is…

What the airplane was in the 1930’s

What Rock-n-roll was in the 1950’s

What the internet was in the 1980’s

What the smartphone was in the 2000’s

In other words, crypto is one the biggest, most innovative movements we may ever see in our lifetime. And that’s simply because…

Crypto is going to change MONEY!

Well, actually, that’s a lie.

The truth is: Crypto is already changing money.

That’s right, my friend.

And the only thing that remains to be seen is … how many fortunate Americans will get in on it and profit handsomely… to fund their early retirements … reach financial freedom … and give their family the life they deserve.
History Tells Us, Many Will Miss Out On Hundreds
Of Thousands Of Dollars (If Not Millions)… Only To Regret
It Afterwards, Once Crypto Becomes Mainstream…
But you don’t have to be one of them.

I know you missed out on the internet boom. Do you really want to experience the same regret, only 10x worse this time around, too?

Getting in on the boom of a lifetime is how generational wealth is made. This boom will be no different. However, the problem with booms is that by the time the average person knows what’s going on, the real money has already been made by governments, banks and the leaders who run both.

That sounds unfair and terrible, unless…
You Know Exactly What The Big Dogs Know And Can Create Large 
Sums Of Wealth From Your Knowledge  
I’ll give you that knowledge in just a second (plus show you how to turn it into cold hard cash), but first it’s important you understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies.

So, this brings us to the next question you must have…
2. “How Is ‘Fake Money’ On The Internet Going To Make 
Me My Fortune?   
Cryptocurrency isn’t “fake” money. It’s digital money… and so much more.

The world has been using digital money for years. It’s what credit cards, wire transfers, debit cards, just about everything except the payphones use.
But crypto takes it one step further and makes it impossible to steal or counterfeit.

Imagine what this means…

Crypto is the future of money. And it’s just starting.
3. “That sounds awesome, but how do YOU make money from it?
I know that most people do not understand cryptocurrencies and cryptocoins and blockchain blah blah blah…

You’re thinking that it’s a fad and maybe stupid. Keep those thoughts. I want you to remember them, but first I want to tell you how YOU can use cryptocurrencies to make money… dollars, or gold, or whatever you want.

Just think of all the cryptocurrency mumbo jumbo as a new stock market.

You have Wall Street for the old fashion, old money people.

You have NASDAQ for those who like more modern companies and tech.

And now you have Cryptocurrencies.

It’s that simple, just a little jargon change. But you make money in very much the same way.

Cryptocurrencies are the newest stock market.

You use your real world dollars to buy cryptocurrencies. Just like you use dollars to buy stocks. Then you buy and sell the cryptocurrencies just like you would buy and sell stocks on the stock markets.

Then you cash in your profits by turning them into dollars… just like stocks.

As you can see…

Cryptocurrencies are going to change the investment world!...


It is going to change the ENTIRE world!
4. “But I Hear On The News… Crypto’s Glory Days Are Behind It And 
All The Profits Are Already Sucked Dry! Isn’t It Too Late For Me?
Not even close. People thought the internet was too big once AOL got huge. Look what happened there.

The internet began growing at an unprecedented rate. Once the world began to understand its power it became a force.

This is your chance to get in on an even bigger force. There is no part of life that money does not effect.

And cryptocurrency is bigger than money.

I’ll explain why as you keep reading.
5. “Ok… I Understand It’s Not Too Late, But The Reason Crypto Can 
Make Me Rich Beyond Belief Is Because It’s Volatile – Right?
The beautiful thing about Crypto is that it’s still in its infancy. And yes, just like infants it is often unpredictable… sort of.

But, I have a team of baby whisperers, or in this case crypto whispers. This team understands the fundamentals and volatility of crypto and flourishes off it.

The key to making money on any investment is getting in early.

Not only that, the volatility that allows you to buy low and sell high over and over again.

It’s a big reason why crypto can deliver you a fortune in a short period of time.

But, it’s not the biggest. Keep reading. I’ll share bigger.
6. “But… I’m Too Old. I’d Rather Invest In Dollars And Gold. Can’t I 
Just Ignore Crypto And Continue Doing What I’m Doing?
Look, I get it.

And I wish it were that simple, too.

But the fact is, crypto isn’t an alternative investment. Or a nice to have.

It’s more than that.

And the proof is in the fact that it’s already replacing the dollar.

Take a look at what’s happening with currency in Russia, China, Venezuela.

And you may not know it, but it’s happening in every major country in the world.

Yes. Even where you live.

You see, international banks have started to stop sending digital dollars and have started sending crypto transfers instead.

This means…

The dollar is already being replaced and no one knows it.

But because I’m connected to those calling the shots, I know.

And my team knows.

And soon you will, too.

Because we are here to reveal the truth about the currency and money underbelly.

That’s right…

We are going to share with YOU the truth that right now, only the uber rich know.
Why On Earth Would We Spill The Rich Man’s Secrets – Instead Of 
Continuing To Profit Off It Ourselves?
Because crypto’s purpose is for the people.

Not the uber rich.

So I am here to change the story and include you in it… if you’re ready.

If you feel that something is wrong with our money.

That it is tainted.

That it is about to be overtaken.

That it is on its last leg.

Then keep reading because you owe it to yourself and your family to take precaution. And more importantly, to set yourself up for making a fortune off this opportunity.
7. “If Crypto Is Going To Replace
Fiat Money… Why Isn’t Anybody Warning Me
IF you listen closely, you will hear others talk about this dollar corruption and the rise of crypto.

Robert Kiyosaki talks about it.

A leading governmental whistle blower – whom I will not name- talks about it.

An ex-CIA “currency assassin” talks about it.

But you won’t hear it because the media won’t let you.

They would rather discuss President Trump’s sex life. Or Facebook scandals. Or North Korea. While some of that may be important. I’m pretty sure money affects EVERYTHING in your daily life, yet this major development is not mentioned.

And when it is, crypto is always linked with words like “crazy”, “bubble”, “phenomenon” … nothing to explain the very real implications on your daily life.

But, I won’t leave you in the dark, any longer.

I WILL tell you up-to-date news and how it affects you and how you can profit from it.
 8. “But I Heard Crypto Is Just Used By Terrorists
And Drug Dealers – Is That True?  
Yes. That is exactly what the media tells you. But, guess what? Dollars are used a lot more than crypto for those activities.

The media hype won’t tell you the truth. For that you need me and my team.

This is why the time to act is now.

You need to learn about crypto while the media is pushing it down.

Once crypto explodes through the media the avalanche of new investors will be overwhelming.

And it won’t just be investors, it will be corporations, wall street, and the big dogs, because crypto will be used by everyone in the world.
9. “How Will Crypto Even Be Used?  
I already explained how the global banks are already using crypto, but it’s even more than that.

Amazon is hinting that they are about to accept crypto payments! THE BIGGEST STORE IN THE WORLD!

Yeah, crypto is going to affect your daily life.

Maybe you’ve heard of a small website called Facebook. They are also working on their own crypto.
Still Think This Can Be Brushed Aside And Ignored?  
You NEED to know about crypto because EVERY area of your life is about to change.

After all…  
Crypto Is The Future. It’s Not A Matter Of “If” Crypto Will Take Down The Entire Financial World, It’s Just A Question Of “When”   
You can either get left behind or prepare to become MEGA wealthy.

Let me explain…

Right now, the bond market is about 500 times bigger than the stock market.

And cryptocurrencies are going to replace it all!!! JP Morgan is already experimenting with selling bonds through the cryptocurrencies!!!

Without getting too deep, cryptocurrencies allow contracts to be written that do not require middlemen. These contracts are about to completely replace the bond market.

If you’re in bonds, you better learn all you can about cryptocurrencies… FAST!

Because when the bond market goes down, the world monetary system goes down!
If You Think You’re Safe Because You’re In Stocks, Think Again… Because The Damage To Stocks Will Be Even BIGGER! 
Companies no longer need to list on Wall Street or NASDAQ. Now, companies can create ICO’s.

ICO’s are Initial Coin (cryptocurrency) Offerings. Basically, the same thing as IPOs but with no middlemen and the security of cryptocurrencies.

You’re going to have companies saying each cryptocurrency represents a certain percentage of our company. Why should we go to the stock market if we can get the liquidity now? We can just trade our equity now for the same amount of fundraising with more security and no middlemen fees and charges.

This is the new way to raise money. It’s also the new way to make money. By buying these ICO’s early and coming away with unreal gains.
The banks are shaking in their pants.

And you should be too, if you don’t know how to take advantage of this new opportunity.
Look, I’m Not Trying To Scare You. I’m Just Showing You Now Is The OPPORTUNE Time For You To Strike It Big With Crypto - Because The Truth Is - MUCH Of The Profit Is Still YET To Be Made!  
In 2017, Google reported Bitcoin alone was the second biggest search in Global news!

Robert Kiyosaki said it was the #1 thing asked about among his Rich Dad community.

Facebook had so many ads that they had to ban them because of the sheer avalanche (and for one other reason I’ll get to in a sec). Google had to stop them too.

The world wants to understand this mystery called cryptocurrency.

But the media is keeping the doors shut. Until it’s too late.

My team and I will reopen those doors for you. Right now, only a select few know how to get rich through ICOs and my team and I are in this elite group.

Just imagine you are at work (hopefully not for long because my crypto knowledge frees you from your employer bonds) and you are the only one at the water cooler with the latest crypto developments and the unique strategies to turn the latest news story into money!

You will be the one with the knowledge everyone else is searching for. You’ll be the light in all the confusion.

I will be the guy shedding light on the confusion and letting you listen in on the banks and governments of the world and their plans.

That is what I do.

People like you is who I help.
So Who Exactly Am I?
And Why Should You Trust Me?
Under normal circumstances, you and I would never get the chance to meet because you would never even know I exist.

If you were to Google my name you would find very little, after all, I don’t want to become a target to hackers just yet.

My name is Jeff Wang and I am part of the investment, venture capital team RocketFuel.

You might have heard we were among the first shareholders in Snapchat.

You might have heard we helped build Uber, Airbnb and Lyft.

And you maybe heard that we saw the value in cryptocurrencies before, well, everyone.

Of course, you’ve probably never heard of us because we don’t aim to be “public figures’. Instead, we work directly with blockchain CEOs, thought leaders, and policy makers of major countries.

We live on the front lines of the currency wars. This is our life.

It’s called a currency war because people will literally live or die based on the outcomes. Our job is to act as a middleman between the currency battles and help guide policy and create positive outcomes.

And when it comes to cryptocurrency outcomes…

The potential profits are HUGE!
In Fact, Let Me Show You Some Of My Crypto-Success…
ZRX 1840% (in under 1 year)
WAN 1810% (in under 2 months)
ICX 2622% (in under 6 months)
CND 900% (in under 1 year)
VEE 500% (under 1 year)
CVC 500% (exited after 3 months)
In most of these cases these returns were generated in 6 months. In each case, I either exited or am still currently holding (or HODLing like crypto-enthusiasts like to say).

But what makes these returns amazing AND better than the fake experts out there, is these are the returns AFTER the crypto markets hit their crash… Because my investments are based on INFORMATION rather than gambling, we keep up to date with each of these currencies and projects.

I get my INFORMATION from myself and my team talking to industry insiders and projects 24/7.

And we’re ready to empower others with that information, for the benefit of the community.

We’re tired of seeing people buy currencies in terrible projects, scams, and even getting tricked in pump and dump schemes.
That Sounds Great… But Awfully Risky For You … Why Are You Sharing These Secrets, Jeff?
Robert Kiyosaki calls cryptocurrency “the people’s money”. It was created to bypass all the government and corrupt elites’ interference and corruption and hopefully…

Share the massive wealth with the world.

Crypto was created to be a modern-day Robin Hood.

It does not steal wealth from the rich but it makes a level playing field so we all have a chance at wealth and success.

In the past, financial elites (bankers, barons, and politicians) were able to hoard the wealth created during economic revolutions.

Back then the most valuable companies were related to infrastructure, natural resources, mining. Good luck investing in those businesses early unless you were a Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, or Carnegie.

But today there is an economic revolution exploding and cryptocurrency has been born out of that revolution!

This is great news. Unlike any time prior to the internet age, average hard working people with the right information, can benefit from this economic revolution.

My team and I at RocketFuel are a group of computer scientists, data scientists, and thought-leaders from MIT, Columbia and Berkeley.

In the spirit of technology and the equalizing power of blockchain itself, I want to lead the way to fulfilling cryptocurrencies true purpose of giving the average hard-working person a chance to succeed.

Think of my team as the modern-day Robin Hood. But we don’t steal money from the rich…

We will find and gather rare insights and learnings from deep inside the crypto industry, and bring them to you.

Robert Kiyosaki says “knowledge is power”. And with the knowledge I will share with you, you can have the power to take control of your own life and live the life you deserve instead of the life you were given.

This secret information I’m going to give you access is more than just hidden facts.

I’m going to do more than TELL you. I’m going to SHOW you how I use the data to invest and make money for myself!
But Be Warned: If You’re Not Ready To
Make A Small Fortune, This Isn’t For You!
Some people need to believe that the government has their best interest in mind.

These people NEED to follow the path set out by their father and their father’s father.

If you need to follow the past, then cryptocurrency is NOT for you.

But please, do not ignore it. You can choose not to embrace it, or invest with it, but do NOT ignore it.

Your future, and your family’s future depends on it.

And here’s why…
The Dollar Is Dying… Fiat Is Crashing… Crypto Is Rising.
But Don’t Believe Me! Just Look At All The Proof Around You…
Right now currencies all over the world are dying.

Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, all have currencies CRASHING HARD!

Lives are being DEVASTATED!!!

And the dollar is not far behind.

Today is the biggest currency war in world history.

In the year 2000, there wasn't a euro. Now it competes with the dollar.

There wasn’t a Yuan. Now it competes with the dollar.

It’s hard to believe, but there was no Chinese currency and there was no euro.

And now we've got this crippled US dollar that is completely fake.

Yes, the US dollar is fake.

It's based upon an obsolete system called the fractional reserve system. Every time you put a dollar in the bank, the bank lends out ten more.

Your money is going down in value.

Like Robert Kiyosaki says…
“Wake up you guys. If you're saving US dollars, you're like the skipper on the titanic. You know they're going to have to print more and more and more and more all the time… This makes savers the biggest losers on planet earth.”
Then, when you add cryptocurrencies to the mix.

The dollar is dead.

James Rickards, the leading currency expert, says that the US is in the process of making their own cryptocurrency.
Don’t You Think You Should Know If Your Dollar Is Going
To Be Replaced By A Cryptocurrency?
I will tell you exactly how I will be benefiting from this and how you can too once you join my secret community of soon-to-be crypto tycoons.  
But That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg… 
I will also SHOW you how I am investing and discuss what is going on in the crypto-world in two ways.

The first is multiple videos EVERY week! NEW videos! Videos about:
  • ​The latest cryptocurrency news
  • ​Interviews with the most knowledgeable people on the planet
  • ​A video where I SHOW you exactly how I’m using the information to build wealth
  • ​Then I will ask you for your weekly questions and I will answer them in another video…

And all it’ll “cost” you is… NOTHING!!!!

Your choice.

But, if you think this all sounds too good to be true, you’re right.

And that’s because there is one catch…
The Catch Is With The FREE Bonus
If you sign-up today, you get something that is potentially more valuable than the videos themselves.

I will give you access to myself and my team 24/7/365.

You will be brought in to my inner circle of crypto experts as we discuss, real-time, everything that is going on as it happens.

You’ll see us debate strategies, share secrets, break news before anyone else all for one purpose… turning crypto into FREEDOM

It’s almost identical to having your own crypto coach and mentor

However, the catch is I can only accept a limited number of followers on Telegram.

I am forced to accept attendees in a first come, first served acceptance.

I am sorry for such a small number, but as I launch this. I am limited by the number of people we can help reach the best private deals.
Why Should I Choose You, Jeff… Instead Of Another “Crypto-Expert” To Receive My Weekly Briefing Of The Most Profitable Crypto Related News?
Good question.

Fact is, there are so many fake experts out there that Facebook and Google banned ads promoting cryptocurrencies for fear of the damage they are causing.

I am certainly not the only one out there saying I know about crypto.


Unlike other “experts”, I did not “hack some hidden code” that telegraphs future growth.

I did not turn a dollar into billions of dollars multiple times (although that would be great)
Note: this is a common ploy by scam artists. Buy one of every cryptocurrency out there. Some will explode into great percentage gains. Promote those gains and forget all the thousands of losers you had. Then pretend/lie that you can predict which currencies will grow.
The good thing is, if you are reading this, especially this far down, you have already realized the “experts” are really at illusion.

I don’t do that because I don’t need to.

The value I bring isn’t through my “ideas” – it’s based on what’s actually happening behind the scenes, in the boardrooms, and the offices of the world’s most powerful corporations and countries.

This is not magic.

This is knowing the biggest players in the game and analyzing what to do next.
And Best Of All, I’m Not Like Other “Experts” Because…
Most “investors and teachers” of crypto investing will tell you to focus on the service the crypto currency is providing. They say that the strength of the service will determine the value of the currency.

If your goal is long term, then they might be right.

But if your idea of investing is to dig a hole and bury it and wait a really long time with the hope that when you do go dig up that hole and pull it out it is worth more… then you should not be investing in crypto right now.
Maybe in 5 years that could work, but right now this asset class is an infant baby. If you ignore it, it will die. The markets are too volatile.

As you’ve already surmised, this strategy is a COMPLETE SCAM! It pretends to know the long-term future.

If you know anyone who has a magic ball that can see years into the future you would already be the richest person in the world.

My team and I don’t “pretend” to know the future.

We only care about making you money TODAY.

More accurately, we know the people and hear the voices of the leaders and shadows who shape the short-term future.

We know who to listen to and who to watch.

As I write this, currencies are being crashed by major manipulators which I am tracking.

Why is this major player wanting to crash a major cryptocurrency?

So, they can buy a ton of it at dirt low prices. 

Guess what? If what I’m watching comes to be…I’ll be buying it too.

And you could to if you were a part of my community.

That is what I mean by volatility being your best friend. Because I know when it’s coming and how to play the waves I will be making money on the very volatility that everyone else is afraid of.

Because I know who to listen to and have access to and know their actions before the rest of the world does, I can profit from these volatile shifts… they are my unfair advantage.

Earlier I said crypto is impossible to steal or counterfeit. That is true, but…
The Big Dogs Are Still Manipulating It
For HUGE Sums Of Personal Gain!
Manipulation is that one thing that makes all the data, all the charts, all the history absolutely irrelevant.

Manipulation does not allow the markets to play fair.

Manipulation is the great big cheat.

Manipulation makes the “experts” 5-bullet assessment tests irrelevant.

Manipulation makes the quality of the cryptocurrency fail as an indicator of success.

Normally, manipulation sucks because it takes all the logic and math and trends and patterns out of the game.

Manipulation makes it impossible to predict success… unless you are me.

And that’s because…
If You Take Advantage Of My FREE Trial, You’ll Know Exactly What The Manipulators Are Gearing Up To Do...
What this means is, the very thing that makes it unfair, makes it unfair in your favor.

MANIPULATION is our biggest advantage!!!

Cryptocurrencies are manipulated.

That is good. That is where you will create your wealth. Because I will let you know what the manipulators are doing and I will SHOW you how I am profiting from it.


I am going to let you in to personally be exposed to incredibly private deals. Deals the media won’t know about until months after they’ve been done.

This access to deals will make you a witness and participant with the highest profile deals to come in our lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t, and won’t, guarantee you riches. That is illegal and stupid. This is not a sure thing. But I don’t know anything more sure.
Why Am I Choosing To Give You This Secret “Intel?"
I wish I could say it was the only choice I had.

It wasn’t.

Truth be told, I had three choices.

First choice was to keep my inside secrets to myself.

I am certain that a world where leaders and those ‘in the know’ do that already exists. And I do not like it. Why does the world have to keep knowledge in the hands of a select few who were born into the right family and circumstances?

Cryptocurrency was born as an equalization of all mankind. But that dream faded when the ‘powers’ grabbed hold of it.

I still live in that dream. I want to share the knowledge and secrets of the rich and powerful. I don’t want money and knowledge in the hands of a few. I want it in the hands of the smartest and those willing to fight for themselves.

THAT – sharing with the deserving – will make the world stronger and a better place to live in.

My second choice was to create an educational platform that was super cheap and could just serve everyone a little bit. I thought that maybe I should just create videos and throw them on YouTube and be a crypto-whistleblower for the world.

But the truth is, that would not help anybody. It would just get lost in the mud of the media and the internet.

So, I went with option three…

Create the best education ever and give access to me and my team 24/7. This is why I include Telegram in my education. This bonus is what makes this education so POWERFUL.

You can ask questions when you think of them.

You will hear what my team and I learn AS WE LEARN IT!

You will see how we turn the knowledge into wealth as WE DO IT!

It’s also why my education is new every week. You will get the multitude of videos so you know EXACTLY what is happening AND you will see EXACTLY how I am investing.

This is more expensive for me. And being available 24/7 is a huge time expense. But…

If you are able to join me, your life could change in every way imaginable. Because money touches every area of life.
So Like Me, You Have To Make A Choice Yourself
Your choice, however, only involves two possibilities.

There is the safe you.

You value safety and comfort. You want to stay with what you know.

You want the world to stop evolving and changing.

You may not be happy, but you are seldom surprised.

You never play the gamble.

But then there is the other you.

You see the writing on the wall.

You are courageous enough to at least learn what is coming. You don’t stick your head in the sand and pray. You search out answers and take responsibility for your life and your loved ones.

You also are not a gambler. You realize that the gamble is to do nothing and not get educated.

For your sake, I hope the second you is the dominant you. You don’t have to risk your money to protect your future, but I hope you are willing to stop gambling that the world is done changing.

I hope you can see that money is going to change. And it will be the biggest change you’ll ever experience.

If you think education is a gamble, then this is not for you. I’m not the guy for you.

If you are the first guy – the head-in-the-sand-guy -, then I wish you luck, but I also am telling you that you cannot join me.
It would be a waste of your time.

But if you’re ready to become a true crypto expert, to become the “source” amongst your friends and family, and most importantly to make a small fortune, then…
[Take Advantage of My FREE Trial & Discover How to Build Your Fortune With Cryptocurrencies]
After you make your fortune, you can continue access for $47/mo. Cancel anytime. 
Jeff Wang
Founder of RocketFuel Education  

P.S. Don’t forget that you must hurry. Robert Kiyosaki is sending millions of people to this page to save his community from the dollar crisis. But I cannot take more than a very small number of members.

If you don’t join in time… still seek out education, but avoid those “experts” with long-term plans or knowledge of a criteria for picking cryptocurrencies. In my opinion, they are scams.
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